Wholesale Christmas Trees Ireland

Kavanagh Christmas Trees are known for their top quality and non-shedding features. The wholesale supplies of trees are not only beautiful in looks but the magical symmetry they form is eye-catching. The health of our plantation are given extra care which in turn helps the plantation grow thick, sturdy, glossy, and rich in pigmentation.

Award-Winning Christmas Tree Supplier Ireland

Our family business has been running for decades now and the one thing we cherish is the love and trust of our customers. We have also been awarded the number 1 Christmas tree supplier of Ireland.

The plantation at Kavanagh Christmas Trees is always done with expert supervision and guidance so that the plants can grow to their fullest. Because of our wide range of plantation species and quality, we are one of the top Irish Christmas tree suppliers of Ireland and also making it possible for people to buy the best real Christmas trees for sale.

Types Of Trees & Sizes Available For Wholesale

Kavanagh Christmas Trees not only provides the customers with good rates but also provides dealers with the best quality wholesale trees. We deal in several premium quality Christmas trees such as;

Additional accessories such as a water stand to keep the tree alive for a longer period can also be supplied. To fulfil all customers’ needs our Christmas trees generally range from 6 to 10 ft in height and even higher. Need Giant trees then give us a call. We are very grateful for the high-quality production level which fulfils the requirement of all our retailers around Ireland. 

Our Promise

  1.   Quality Assurance

Kavanagh Christmas Trees gives the assurance of being the top premium Christmas tree supplier in Ireland. Talking about the quality – Our experts check the soil fertility and quality regularly following regular inspections of the plantation. This in turn ensures growth will not only be healthy in quality but their looks and appearance will also be bushy and beautiful.

  1.   Careful Transportation of Trees

As we provide wholesale Christmas trees to many customers in Ireland and the UK, we make sure we do not compromise on the quality of the tree and service. Our customer feedback has always been brilliant and because of that, we do not disappoint any retailer.  Therefore, we further take responsibility from cutting to transporting the trees to your shop ensuring there is no damage done in the process. We deal both in small and bulk quantities. Call us to order.

  1.   Customer Relationship

We believe in increasing our customers while also not letting any retailer of ours have a shortage. This dealing with our wide range of premium quality Christmas trees not only makes our brand knows all over Ireland but also long-lasting relationships.