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Pumpkin Picking

October is the month when many Irish celebrate Halloween, tricker treat and pumpkins play a major theme. The Irish pumpkin is smaller than the American version but it makes up for that by being sweeter and creamier to taste. It’s a naturally light-skinned variety that doesn’t need bleaching in order to look pure white inside. The flesh of the Pumpkin is also very moist which makes it perfect for pumpkin soup, pies and even breads!

Pumpkins can be harvested from between 12 to 20 weeks after sowing.

If you’re planning a trip from Dublin to pick your pumpkin or live locally in Wicklow, then stop by to get your free complimentary Halloween pumpkin when you preorder a tree!  Open from the 24th October to 31st October – 10am – 5pm .   No bookings required.

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History of Halloween & Pumpkins

Halloween is the evening of October 31 and is generally considered to be a time where supernatural events are said to occur. People dress up in costumes and go from house to house collecting treats such as candy or money while trying not to get caught by anyone who might be playing tricks on them. Many people believe that Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). Halloween is all about pumpkins, and the best way to show off your creativity. Today’s modern crafter can carve anything they want onto these spooky fruits! Some people just like to put faces on them while others use patterns in an effort at creative Halloween celebrations – it really depends on how much time you have available for this fun project that will last throughout October 31st (or longer!).